The Failure Guy – Cornell Green

Welcome to the podcast.

The format of “The Failure Guy” podcast series will be me – Cornell Green, “The Failure Guy” – interviewing prominent and successful people from various industries, professions and walks of like about significant failure they have experienced, lived through and overcome.

Each week, we will take a clear-eyed look at a topic that tends to instill in the bravest among us paralyzing fear. In these conversations, we hope to demystify and de-stigmatize something which should be considered a natural part of the process of success. After all, no great deed is accomplished without a few setbacks or unanticipated outcomes.

Like a child learning to walk, it takes a few bumps and stumbles to get the steps right. A child never quits or stops believing that it will, ultimately, master the art of putting one foot in front of the other to propel itself towards whatever objective captures its eye. Pretty soon, they’ve gone from “crawl” to “RUN”! Hopefully, by examining FAILURE without FEAR, so shall we…

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